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Weight Loss Solution-I Had To Get Drunk To Write This

By October 6, 2016Uncategorized

The Weight Loss Solution

Every wonder why you have struggled with weight loss? Have you ever found yourself frustrated at the fact that you lose weight, only to gain it right back? It may not be your fault. You just may be in need of an identity solution.

Also, I’ll be honest. I did not have to get drunk to write this, but it would of been a heck of a lot easier!

This is hard to admit, but I have struggled with self-esteem issues and confidence in the skills that God has blessed me with and I still do struggle every now and then. It is a continuous battle to remind myself of who I truly am.

Do you have days like this? Are you experiencing any type of confidence issue? Do you tend to speak negatively to yourself and say things that bring you down?

If so it is completely normal. You see, we have this subconscious brain that likes to hold on to past identities. It hates to let go of them and forces you to act as someone who you, deep down, are not.
For example, I had a coaching client who has consistently struggled with weight her whole life. She would lose 30lbs and then gain it right back. Over and over again. Does this sound like you? Do you bounce back and forth on weight?

Well, it turns out that since middle school, she was know as the “fat girl”. This was her early established identity and it was not a good one. Even though no one calls her the “fat girl” any more, her subconscious mind still clings tightly to that identity. So, no matter what she does she always gives back in to the habits and actions of a “fat girl”

We will become what we think we are

This is not just some pretty philosophical saying. It is 100% the truth. If you believe that you are beautiful, funny, and caring, then you will treat your body differently than if you believed you were ugly. You would make the decision to put better things in your body and you would be more likely to exercise religiously.

I urge you to join me in exercising the power of this fact. Let’s change our belief systems and FORCE our subconscious minds to except a new identity. Our TRUE identity.

I hope that you have a blessed day!

-Coach J
“Those who rebel against ordinary propel the world forward

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