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Two Types of People- Which One are You?

By December 14, 2016Uncategorized

Good morning and happy HUMP Day!!!


I have a question for you….. Seriously, a huge question. But first I want to share something with you. 

There are two types of people on HUMP Day (Wednesday for those who live under a rock :p )

  • You are are excited

Not because it is hump day, but because if you can get through this damn Wednesday you only have one day in the way of Friday! If you are this person you may be feeling stressed, tired, and bored. Work might have you down and you may be feeling overwhelmed with the work week. The work week can do this. It can beat us up so much, that we make up a national day, Hump Day, just to describe the pain of being only two days away from the weekend.

If you are this person. If you are waking up thinking about Friday, I ask why? Why does it take until Friday to feel good and excited about life?


  • You are motivated

Again, not because it is hump day. But because you have four days left of the week. Four days to put in some serious work and make some amazing progress towards your goals! You are fired up and you most likely did not hit your snooze button this morning. It’s a blessing to have this attitude and drive.

If you are this person. If you are motivated about the rest of the week, I ask why? Why are you so driven to finish out this week strong?

Why Is this important?

My clients, who display excitement and motivation for the future win. Period.

Motivation is that simple. If a client has it, then I know for a fact they will become the person they are looking to be. Now, don’t get me wrong! Motivation alone will not make you lose weight, make more money, and feel happier. However, it will sure as hell give you the ability to do these things better.

For example, I suck at dancing. Seriously, I’m like Carlton with the awkward moves.

THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR -- "Hare Today" Episode 18 -- Aired 4/8/96 -- Pictured: Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton Banks -- Photo by: Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank

Except I started to notice something. When I was in my head, concerned about what others thought, and just excited about the dance being over with I did terrible. I moved like a stiff zombie. BUT when I was motivated, enjoying the moment, and just focusing on the people around me I had fun. You see, motivation wont give you magical skills, but it will give you a magical attitude. An attitude that will get you through the tough things in life.

Tough things like:

  • An early alarm clock
  • A lunch hour filled with unhealthy temptations
  • A stressful work week
  • A month without seeing the scale move

The list goes on and on.

My big question for you….

Here it is. My big question.


Seriously, who are you? Are you the motivated individual or the person just waiting for the days to past by? Who are you truly? Are you the person who will use every situation, good or bad, to their advantage. Or will you come up with excuse after excuse as why things are not going your way?

Take some time to write down your answer to this question. It is a big one. In the mean time…. HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!

-Coach J

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