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How To Start Being YOU

By December 10, 2016Uncategorized

My Obsession with Being Better

I am not sure when it started. Maybe it was as a child. When I always felt like I lived in the shadows of my older brother.

He was Fast

I was Not

He was Competitive

I was Not

He was good at sports

I was not

He had girlfriends

I did not

He was outgoing

I was not

Maybe it was this fellig of being overlooked that drove me to want to learn how to be better. I mean it had to be possible. There must be a continuous way to be more than what you are.

                                This Urge to be different turned me to falso answers.

Answers that made me believe beting better simply meant being more liked and accepted by the cool people. I truly believed that  being better meant I must stop being me.

With this, I quickly sought to fit in more and more.

  • I became the class clown
  • I got suspended
  • I got arrested
  • I did drugs
  • I had sex
  • I cheated

How twisted was my thinking

By falling farther and farther away from who I truly was, I slowly became worse and worse. I made the wrong decisions and truly became lost.

However, something changed.

I realized that the problem wasn’t me. The problem was who I was trying to be. As soon as I started to understand that being better is not about improving yourself to fit in with others, My life changed.

Being better is about improving your God given qualities, not trying to swap them with more popular ones.

I learned that being better means to give more, do more, and to constantly push yourself farther.

It is about this OBSESSION to find the real you every single day of your life.

Being better is not just imporvment in one category. It is about mastering them all.

It is about:

Respecting your body

Improving your health

Increasing your knowledge

Growing your ability to love


Being better is about giving yourself more to the needs of others for their sakes. In other words, not for the sake of fitting in.


I write this letter, not to just share my story, but to invite you.

To invite you to join my pursuit for being better.

I want you to learn and grow. Not to be what someone else wants you to be, but to be who you have always truly wanted to be. Yourself.

Let’s work every day on pushing ourselves to end the day knowing, always, that we are a better WE.




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