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Shoulder Pain Problems

By January 6, 2017Uncategorized

No Pain No Gain…Right?


Pain is never a good sign. However, we still use the old saying. No pain no gain. You may have even said this at some point in your life. Or you may be saying now as you go through your exercise program with some type of pain. For example, while working on push ups your shoulder may start to burn. In your head you mark this off as a normal side effect of trying to get back into shape.

I’m here to give you the hard news…. It is not normal. Pain is actually a sign. A sign that something is wrong. It is your body yelling at you to stop, change course, and fix whatever the hell is going on.

Now don’t get me confused, there is definitely supposed to be discomfort when you start an exercise program. Your muscles should burn, you should experience soreness, and yes it should be hard. It is just your duty to yourself to no the difference between discomfort in pain.

Today I will be covering good ol shoulder pain. One big indicator you may have a dysfunctional shoulder is if you experience pain outside of your workouts. Ask yourself:

  • Does it hurt when you reach across your body for something
  • When you are lying in bed or when you wake up
  • When you reach overhead
  • do you feel weak in one shoulder and not the other
  • do you have clicking or popping

If you are experiencing any of these things you need to immediately  address your shoulder mobility. If you are not experiencing those things, then you need to MANAGE your shoulder mobility as you continue with your exercise program.

Understanding the WHY

I will be honest there are several reasons why you may be having shoulder complications and the best way to know exactly why is to see a professional and get an assessment done. However, this does not mean you can not still address common issues.


Do you sit at a computer all day? Do you use a cell phone? Do you drive? Do you sit down to eat?


All of these things have one thing in common. They put your upper back into a rounded position. After years of this your upper back starts to take on this permanent hunched shape. Long story short. If your upper back is rounded it will be nearly impossible to raise your arm overhead properly.



Every single one of your muscles serve an important role in YOUR movement! When it comes to shoulders there are important muscles, such as your lats and lower trap which are responsible for keeping your shoulders in a strong and stable position. If these muscles become weak, then you are exposing your shoulder to poor positions. This ultimately leads to injury.




The first thing that I recommend you do it to work on the fascia tissue that covers the muscles which are usually culprits of shoulder pain.

Pecs- If your shoulders are rolled forward it could be due to an over active pec minor. Take a ball and dig deep into your pecs. Move slow and really try and work out any knot you find.


Lats- Being one of the largest muscles in your body it is easy for this one to get tight


Delts- Tightness here can lead to an  inability to use your shoulders properly




After you take your ball to these muscle groups it is important to now lengthen the muscle. Try these stretches!

Pec Stretch


Lat Stretch


Prayer Stretch



Now it is important to strengthen those weaker muscles we talked about earlier!

Lower traps


Banded external/internal rotation


Banded Sots Press: The goal of this one is to perform a military press in a quarter without letting the band pull your arms forward



Closing time

Well that is all that I have for you right now. Remember the best thing you can do for achieving your fitness goals is to make sure you take care of your mobility! Losing weight is fun, but losing weight and having to get shoulder surgery is a nightmare.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any help with this! You can reach us at [email protected]

-Coach J


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