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sassy, and gassy. 😖 Guess Why…

By November 21, 2016Uncategorized


Bloated, sassy, with a little bit of gassy. 😖

Don’t lie… you know exactly what I’m talking about. That feeling after a cheat meal. Or two. Okay three..

Yes, that was my weekend. We had our very first member thanksgiving potluck. And boy, can our members cook. Sweet potatoes pie, sweet potatoes, ham, more sweet potato pie, and another serving of sweet potatoes (I like sweet potatoes) 😂

The problem were the left overs. My awesome members felt it necessary to leave my with two plates of food and a whole pie. Well, I might of asked, but still they gave it to me!

Of course, those two plates and pie no longer exist. 😰

However, I have to admit. Guilt exists and lots of it. Have you ever had this feeling after a crappy weekend of eating? That negative self talk just beating away at your morale. So now, not only is your body hating you, but so is your mind. It’s the ultimate double whammy of shame.

The trick is to not let this moment of shame throw you off track. It is easy to get sucked into the trap of thinking your screw up defines you. If you let the guilt talk keep on eventually it will become a habit.

Yes, dwelling on a mistake has actually been proven to make someone repeat the same mistake more than someone who forgives and forgets. So, next time you have an ultimate cheat fest don’t let the regret weigh you down. Pick yourself up and get back on the bandwagon!

-coach J

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