Renegade Boot Camps is amazing and has put the spring back in my step….. The daily 6am workouts are tough but are totally worth it, Josh is not only an awesome coach he is very motivating, encouraging and I couldn’t do this without him and the great friends I have met at RBC.


If you are looking for a great place to become a better YOU this is definitely your place!!!    Don’t wait any longer start today…..
Go Team Renegade!!!!!


Renegade Boot Camp in Plano was a wonderful experience for me! The Owner, Josh, was highly educated and trained in what the body needs and how it works. He is very generous and community driven. It’s a very motivating and encouraging environment. I definitely recommend Renegade!






I am down weight and all my clothes are fitting so much better. My energy level is going up and I no longer feel like I’m dying after workouts. I wake up needing to exercise. I feel like making that decision to attend boot camp and sticking with it has given me my life back and given my kids their mother back. It hasn’t been easy. It’s actually been really hard, but it makes the accomplishment that much sweeter! I can’t wait to see what another round of Renegade Boot Camp will help me accomplish.



I started this journey 6 months ago because I realized that if I didn’t change something, the family history would start to catch up to me: diabetes, obesity, heart problems. I was feeling awful all the time. But little did I know Renegade Boot Camp would change my life completely. Josh is an amazing trainer; he truly cares. I have lost weight/body fat but gained a new look on life and amazing fellow boot campers. We are all in this journey together.



I was lucky enough to join Renegade Bootcamps mid-April. It was the best decision I could have made. At 40 yrs old I have a 3 yr old son to keep up with and I also needed a boost in my self-esteem. After 5 months I have lost 30 lbs so far and I am feeling great! I have more energy and my self-esteem is the best it’s been in years. Josh is an amazing coach who trains in a positive and uplifting manner. The whole Renegade team is such a fun, supportive group and I’m so happy to be part of it!


Thank ya’ll for putting Renegade boot camp together. I really enjoy getting together with group of people that have the same goal: get healthy!! You make it so much fun and I love the various workouts. The encouragement from others is always helpful! I have a hard time staying consistent with my workouts and Renegade makes sure I get in!! So again, thank you for starting this! I look forward to the month of May!!!!

sorry forgot to put how i feel now.. here ya go!
For the last 6yrs I have been in a self-destructive cycle of yo-yo diets, and/or exercising with the thought of “I can eat what I want”. One day almost 3 months ago I woke up (July 21st) and said to myself, “enough is enough” A dear friend introduced me to RBC, and I fell in love from day one.
Josh, our coach has helped me through my struggles of diet and exercise and has cared enough to to get to the core of my struggles. I have succeeded with all aspects of changing my life, to become the person I deserved and craved to be for so long. Today I feel better look better, have energy, sleep better and all around have become a better person inside and out.
Everyone at RBC has been supportive, positive, and we all push to help with our own personal journey. Best part is that I know I’ve created great friends,
RBC is my 2nd home, 2 family.. I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Renegade Boot Camps are more than just a workout! Josh and his staff of awesome trainers care about you as a person, not just as a money source! They motivate, encourage, help you set goals for yourself, and talk with you one on one about what you would like to get out of the program. My favorite thing about the boot camps are the amazing people I have met! It ish much more fun to work out when you have others to help you stay motivated and hold you accountable! I also love that the workouts are different, so you won’t ever get bored!! I highly recommend anyone, no matter your fitness level, to give it a try! You won’t regret it!!!!