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The Power Of Visualizing Your Goals

By November 28, 2016Uncategorized

Have you ever set a goal and landed right on the mark? Even to your own surprise, you did exactly what you said you would do. 

What if this was not a coincidence?

Have you ever started something, without an exact idea of what the end game was, only to fail over time. Or worse, you just simply stopped working at it.

What if this was not a coincidence?

Try and think back to times where these situations applied. Maybe it was a project at work that you set goals and dead lines for and you crushed it. Or maybe it was a home fixer upper that was quickly forgotten about. I know for me personally, I can sometimes jump into something and three weeks later throw it away.

Did YOU know:

If you were to do these things you would be 76% more likely to accomplish what YOU actually want to do.

  1. Write down your goal (about 5 minutes)
  2. Write down possible action steps to achieving this goal (about 10 minutes)
  3. Share your goal with someone of importance (5 minutes)
  4. Send weekly progress reports to this someone. (5 minutes)

So in about 25 minutes you could set yourself up for success with accomplishing your goals.
If this does not make you want to get out of this email and write down your goals, then I don’t know what will do the trick, because being 76% more likely to achieve your health goal is pretty strong stuff!

If you could take this one step farther would you? First, answer this question. Have you ever had a dream so vivid, you woke up thinking it actually happened? Sometimes your body has a hard time recognizing an intense dream from reality and we can actually use this to our benefit.

There is a meditation practice that involves visualizing your goals. You just simply close your eyes and try to create the most vivid vision of yourself taking the necessary steps to achieving the goal and then ultimately accomplishing it. It is very important that you SEE yourself doing the action steps which are required to achieve your goal.

If your goal is to lose 20 pounds, imagine yourself on a beach. You are wearing what you want to wear, feeling how you want to feel, and looking like your want to look. Then imagine all of the things that you did to get there. Imagine the hard work and successes along the way. Imagine all of this as if it has already happened!

By setting goals and then visualizing them coming to life you will set yourself up for success! What are you waiting for? Get started NOW!

– Coach J
“Those who rebel against the ordinary propel the world forward”

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