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6 Reasons Why Your Gym Workout Feels Freakin’ Miserable

By October 20, 2016Uncategorized

Every day you take the gym head on and conquer your workout with unlimited energy and happiness. You love working out!

Oh No? It’s okay I feel the same way.

Maybe you actually feel slow, sometimes weak, with low energy– or it’s becoming more and more common.

You may be dragging yourself to the gym, day after day, hoping something will change. Well, not to worry! Here are six tips and tweaks that will leave you feeling energetic and excited to sweat again. Yes… You CAN be excited about sweat!

1. You’re finisher sucks

You just had a brutal cardio session. Next, you hop off of your spin bike and head straight to the locker room. Then you change and head off to grab your smoothie or 100 calorie breakfast bar, that was laying in the pantry.
you are missing a vital step. You need to down-regulate your body after that cardio session,. Simply spend a few minutes after each workout cooling down. This can be anything from a slow walk to foam rolling.

2. You leave the tank on E

There is nothing worse than getting into your car, after you have loaned it to family or a friend, and finding it on E. It is a major inconvenience and it shows that the person borrowing your car did was not considerate enough to leave it the way they found it.

This is how your body feels every time you take it for a ride at the gym. You beat it up, break down muscle, and cause it tension. However, you do not refill. After every workout, your body needs proper nutrition. Start by consuming a small greens and protein shake right after your workout!

3. Your workout is for the birds

Your friend told you about cycle and how it is insanely effective in burning calories. However, your neighbor told you about the new resistance training class she is trying out at the gym. Also, sometimes can trick yourself into thinking that a brisk walk is a “workout”.

Either way, none of these workout styles matter if they are not for YOU. The best workout routine is one that is fun, engaging, and effective. There can not be compromise! If you are not receiving all three things, then you will eventually drop out or just not like doing it!

4. You aren’t seeing results

Ever start something new like a job or school and hate the first few months. They felt so overwhelming and complicated, that you wish you had never started in the first place. After this phase, you probably started to get the hang of it and you probably became pretty good at what you were doing.

The same goes for working out. You must give your body and your mind the time it takes to see transformation. The trick is to constantly seek out success. That cookie you passed up on last night was a success. The extra push up you can do after a few classes, at the gym, is a success. Be thankful for these successes and next thing you know, results will come pouring in.

5. You’re skimping on sleep

This one hits close to home for me. Almost so much that I thought about leaving it out. Sleep is vital. It is the only time that your body can truly shut down and recover. If you are not getting enough sleep, then you are not recovering. If you are not recovering, you will not get results. It is that simple. Sleep ultimately equals seeing results in your workout program.

6. You don’t know how to say NO

Sometimes the answer just needs to be no. Should you work out for 10 days straight without a break? NO. Should you focus on your diet so much that it now runs your life? NO. Should you cut your calories super low in hopes that you will lose weight faster? NO.

There are many times when a good no is just as important as taking action and saying yes. Make sure that you are creating a sustainable lifestyle by learning what to say no to, regarding your new fitness routine.
Putting it all together
Take these 6 steps and asses yourself. Are you falling victim to any of them? If so, gather the courage you need to take massive action and make a change!

-Coach J
“Those who rebel against the ordinary propel the world forward!”

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