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A little Birdie Has Told Me How Busy You Have Been…

By October 2, 2016motivation

Whoa…. Life gets busy.

Especially for you. You work a full time job, have a house to keep under control, you probably even have kids that you may have to chase around. Or worse teenagers that come equipped with a ton of stress.

On top of all of this you must figure out social events, maybe a PTA meeting here and there, and you can’t forget about your latest TV show. That must get watched.

When we get overwhelmed with all of this work, sometimes we must take a step back and ask the question:

“In which category do most of my daily habits fall?”

If most of your daily activities do not fall withing category #2, then I am sorry to say that you, my friend, are being trapped in the rat race.

1. Urgent and important (ex. Deadline is tomorrow for a work project, emergency, being rushed due to procrastination)

2. Important and non-urgent (ex. Exercise, building a relationship, goal setting, prayer, meditation, that important phone call that you’ve been putting off, saying thank you, doing what you love, helping someone else)

3. Urgent and unimportant (laundry, distractions from co workers, emails)

4. Not urgent and not important (distractions, facebook, emails, news, espn, video games, tv, etc.)

Here is the trick. Start with one small, but powerful change. There is one important and non-urgent thing that you can consistently do and it will change your life.



Seriously, just start there. Make it a habit and you will see that your To Do list does not get smaller, but you will feel a lot less stressed.

Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help with this new habit change!

Coach J

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