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Inflammation May Be Causing You to Lose Weight SLOWLY!

By March 28, 2017movement, nutrition, recovery


Inflammation. Touch your wrist! Now touch your ankles! Are they a little puffy? Do you feel like they are bigger than usual? Well I have some good news and bad news. Most likely this is not excess fat. That’s the good news. You May be dealing with inflammation. That’s the bad news.

Okay there is more bad news… Inflammation may be keeping you from losing weight. Yes, it can be that serious. Which is why we need to treat it like it is a big deal. If for even a second you suspect you may be dealing with inflammation, then I highly recommend you put your phone away (unless you’re using it to read this), tell your spouse to get lost for a minute, and turn off the TV.

We are about to dive in on how we can decrease you’re inflammation and increase your chances of losing weight!

Before we get there, I just want to make one thing clear.


“Get started with what, Coach J?”

Get Started With Exercising

Get Started With Wanting To Feel Great

Get Started With Learning How To Lose Weight From A Professional.

I’ll be honest. That last point can be a tough one. Which is why if you are struggling with finding a professional or program that is good for you I want to offer you two weeks of coaching at my gym.

With these two weeks you will have acceess to:

 Unlimited Boot Camp Classes

 Unlimited Yoga Classes

 Unlimited Dance Fitness Classes

 Nutrition Coaching

 Accountability Coaching

 Access To Our Private Facebook Group

All you have to do is visit https://challenge.renegadebootcampsdfw.com/2-weeks… to claim your two weeks!

Now Back To Solving Your Inflammation Problem.

The easiest way to tackle your inflammation is to look at your nutrition.

What to eliminate:

You want to eliminate all added sugar and refined carbohydrates from your diet.

Cut out things like:

 Sodas

 Snack bars

 Candy

 Baked Sweers

 Coffee (I know this one is hard- I just started replacing coffee with tea)

 Synthetic sweeteners

 Dairy

 Refined Flour

What To Add:

You want to have a diet which consists of vegetables, fruites, nuts, lean protein, and healthy

sources of fat. Add things like:

 Fatty Fish

 Dark Leafy greens

 Almonds and peanuts

 Peppers

 Tomatoes

 Beets

 Ginger and turmeric

 Garlic and onions

 Olive oil

 Berries

 Tart cherries

Now, let’s not understimate the power of a healthy lifestyle. By adding in more water, exercising, and sleeping a little more you will also aid your body’s ability to reduce unwanted inflammation. I know that if you can make the decision to take control of your lifestyle you can eliminate the inflammation which may be making it impossible for you to reduce weight and body fat. Don’t forget!

-Coach J

P.S. Don’t forget you can visit https://challenge.renegadebootcampsdfw.com/2-weeks to claim your two weeks of coaching on me! I can't wait to personally help you with your weight loss goals!

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