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Have You Been Showering?!

By December 22, 2016Uncategorized

Have you ever forgotten to eat? No, not because you were on some strict diet, but because you were so engrossed in what you were doing that it just slipped your mind?

Has there ever been a day in your life where you were just so excited about the thing you were working on that you forgot to shower?

Yes, I said it. Forgot to shower. And no, not because you were on a weekend Ben & Jerry and Netflix binge!

This happened to me the other day (don’t judge). It was a day full of meetings that would have a huge impact on my life and my business. I was “In the zone”. After my meetings I came back to the gym to immediately take action on the plans from the meetings. Next thing I know it was 12 and I was passed out on my gym couch.

So, I ask you. What makes you so excited, so engaged that you could forget to eat and shower?

Don’t Have An Answer?
If nothing is coming to mind, then ask yourself what are you passionate about? What makes life thrilling for you?
You may notice something that I did. Which is that the thing you are passionate about is the thing that you do the least often.

Life gets in the way
Let’s be honest, life happens. Work takes over, family takes over, and unexpected circumstances take over. It can be hard or even nearly impossible to take the time necessary to put the focus back on you and the things that you truly love to do.

However, what happens when we do this? What happens when we go a whole year without getting lost in what we love? A whole year of following the same set routine over and over again until the days just simply blur together.

You want to know what happens? We hurt others.

For example, we have all heard/ tuned out the air lines safety speech. If you listen closely there is a piece of information in it that has the ability to change our lives. “You must put the oxygen mask on yourself before your child”. If you pass out, then both you and your child are goners, but if you take care of yourself first you are now able to adequately take care of your child.

The same goes for life. If you never take the time to get lost in the things that excite you and bring you so much joy that it stops time, you will never be able to give your 100% to your family, job, or strangers. You will be walking around in such a structured routine that you will fail to notice the beauty in the world and the people around that just need a positive and happy person in their lives.

So, what are you going to do to change this? What is one thing that you love to do which you can get done before the end of the year? One thing that excites you so much you could even forget to shower.

-Coach J
P.S. Please shower before coming to the gym 😉

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