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Have a Nice Trip!

By April 3, 2017Uncategorized
It’s that season of the year! The season where you travel. What trip do you have planned this year?
An extended stay at a relatives?
A flight to the beach?
maybe traditional family road trip?
Whatever you may be doing and wherever you may he going. There is ONE thing you want to avoid.
For example one of my clients, let’s call her Sussie, just got back from a family vacation. She told me stories of how when there she felt so guilty after every “bad” meal. And even worse when she got back, because she felt like she had ruined all of the work she has put in so far.
Well, I want to help you avoid that feeling so you can live it up and enjoy YOUR spring/summer travels. So, here are a few tips you can apply!

1. Move every morning.

This does not have to be a full blow workout. Remember, this is your vacation. However, just 15 minutes of some interval training on the hotel Elliptical can do wonders for boosting your metabolism and helping you FEEL good about your trip.

2. Snack well and ENJOY your meals 

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing like having Great, filling meals when you are traveling. It’s just simply apart of the trip.
So don’t say no to this. If you simply plan what you eat in between those meals you will feel much better about having them.
Pack with you: Lara bars, quest bars, almonds, cashews, beef jerky (watch the sodium), fruits, veggies, etc.
Eat these in between those awesome cheat meals.

3. Think About it. Seriously ask yourself this question.

“If I spent a whole semester in school studying and working hard, but decided to take a week off from the books. Would I lose all of the knowledge from the previous weeks of study?”
Of course not!
Well your body works the same way. If you spend months or even just a month training and eating better. One week is not going to ruin your hard work.
So relax and enjoy your trip 🙂
-Coach J
P.S. If you are wanting to put in that work before you go on your next trip, you are in luck. We are now taking applications for our annual 21 Day Summer Slim Down program. The first 10 applicants get in free!
You can Apply at tinyurl.com/rbc-summer

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