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Fitness Training- The New Way To Achieve Your Goals Faster

By October 14, 2016Uncategorized

Why Group Fitness Training?

Who would want to try a group fitness training class when you can just go to a big gym, at any time you want, and do your own thing? Why would you choose to make your schedule match with a Fitness training class schedule and to have to share that workout hour with other people? These seems all seem inconvenient and frustrating.

These are all good questions and I think that deep down we know why. It is just not fun to do anything alone. It’s not fun to eat alone, go out alone, and to face one of the toughest challenges of your life alone.

However, in a Fitness Training Class you get, what some would call, the mastermind effect. The mastermind effect happens when you get two or more people working together towards a definite goal. Something magic occurs when this takes place. You gain the extra strength, wisdom, and will-power, you will need to achieve your goal, from the other class members.
In Fact, they will become your team and will be your biggest assets when it comes to making a permanent lifestyle change. with goals such as:

  • Losing 30 pounds
  • Gaining more confidence


Think about it, When you want to go far you go with a team. You may be able to get your work out in at a more convenient time when you go alone, but that workout is never as effective as a group workout. It is not nearly as engaging as working out with a team and an instructor who is going to motivate you to do more than you ever thought was possible.
So, take advantage of this mastermind effect. Be apart of a team of success minded people. Support them and most importantly, let them support you!

-Coach J
“Those who rebel against ordinary propel the world forward”

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