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Fitness Needs A Change

I remember meeting Susie (fake name for privacy) for the first time. She was my 7pm consult and as I watched her walk into my gym with slumped shoulders and a look in her eye that just screamed:


“This is the last place I want to be!”


I could tell it was going to be difficult to convince her to take action and change her life with us at Renegade Boot Camps. As we sat down to talk I heard about her countless attempts of weight loss with almost a dozen different diets, supplements, and at home exercise programs. Who could blame her for being difficult. To her she had tried everything and it just wasn’t working.


This is when it hit me.

Our industry sucks. Gyms and programs are either outdated or overly complicated. You’re either a slave to nutrition information from the 90’s or victim to counting macros, weighing yourself, your food, and hell, even your soul at some places. As I listened to Susie talk I was just overjoyed with the confidence I had in our program being able to help her.Our program which would take the stress off of the outcome and put joy in the process.With much convincing Susie said yes.

After three weeks Susie was down 12 pounds and a pants size or two!

She was so focused on enjoying the journey that she did not even notice her lifestyle was completely changing. Little did I know however, Susie was about to show me another reason why our fitness industry is broken. Stick around for tomorrow’s blog and I’ll let you know what it was.


HINT: This will probably be the one thing you need to see permanent results and happiness from your health journey.

Coach J

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