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Is Your Fitness Goal Holding You Back?

By November 7, 2016Uncategorized

Fitness Goals are hard

If you’re like most, then fitness goals may be stressing you out, they might feel overwhelming, and you may occasionally forget what they even are. (Don’t worry it’s common)

Yeah… Now that I think about it, there’s nothing more dreadful than a goal we’re not 100% for sure we can achieve. It breathes down your neck until you either accomplish it or forget it even exists. The latter tends to happen a lot with health goals.

Today, I want to congajulate Cristie for her awesome success so far. She has gone from a size 18 to size 10 pants!! However, I have noticed something about Cristie’s fitness goal setting. It is with this realization, that I believe I have found the answer to making sure your goals lead you to success.


Do you have any specific health goals?

No… not the typical:

  • “I just want to be healthy”
  • “I’m just trying to tone”
  • “I’d be happen with losing 10 pounds”
  • Or my favorite, “I want to feel good when I’m old”

(BULL CRAP! You want to feel good NOW. However, old is in the future so it is easier to put your goal off until then.)

If your goals can relate to any of the above statements, then your goal may be hindering your results. This is serious stuff. The right goal can make or break your ability to lose body fat!

There are two main problems with the goals listed above.

1. They are not specifc

For a goal to apply we must do the hardest thing ever. Decide. We must decide on what the goal is, how we will know when we accomplished it, and by when must it be accomplished. If your goal is not measurable you are just asking for stress.

The first thing I would focus on is making your fitness goal measurable. Think of your dream body. Seriously, close your eyes and imagine your dream body. Now try to put a weight, body fat percentage, waist messurment, etc to this dream body.

Next, set the dead lines. It is very important that you have multiple dead lines, starting with the farthest out out.

For example:
By one year I will have lost 50 pounds
In 6 months I will have lost 25 pounds
After 3 months I will have lost 10 pounds
In 1 month I will have lost 4 pounds
This week I will lose 1 pound.

2. They are not BHAGs

bhagWhat’s a BHAG you ask? A Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

A goal so big that you have no idea how you could accomplish it and it makes your heart skip a beat.

We’ve have grown up with a lie. A lie that has told us that realistic goals are good. That you must set small achievable goals.

This couldn’t be father from the truth, and if you don’t believe me find one very successful person and ask them.

The problem with vague or small goals is that they do not light a fire underneath your butt. They don’t drive you to take massive action. To be honest, if you knew exactly how to achieve your goal then you would have already achieved it! So do not get discouraged when you set a goal and have zero clue on how it will be accomplished. The point is to grow into your goal. For your goal to push you and make you better every single day!

How To Change Your Pace

1. Revisit your current goal, check to see if it’s specific and if it is a BHAG

2. Write out the specific goal and it’s  1 year, 6 month, 3 month, 1 month, and 1 week deadlines.

3. Put this goal up where you will see it a minimum of two times per day.

-coach J
“Those who rebel against the ordinary propel the world forward”

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