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Why Fitness Changed My Life and Will Change Yours.

Why Fitness?
Have you ever experienced a bout of Depression,anxiety, stress… or even just an inner struggle for confidence?
Well I did almost every day growing up.
I remember sucking at sports, loving “nerdy video games”, and always wanting to read and write.
 because of this I didn’t feel accepted.
I would go on to craft a “new me” that could be accepted. Well, at that time I thought being accepted meant being cool and of course a trouble maker.
At 16 I got arrested for the first time. By 18 I had tried almost ever drug out there, and by 19 I had myself a pretty nasty Pain killer problem.
Because of this hunt for an accepted me, I sabotaged who I truly was.
I ruined relationships. I cheated. And frankly, I just made dumb choices.
All of this lead to a constant cycle of feeling on top of the world and then down in the dumps.
But, I started to notice something. Fitness and teaching fitness changed everything.
When I was active and eating well, I was confident in truly being my self, I was happy and most importantly. I was me.
I started to notice this even more in coaching. When I was coaching people on their fitness, I was extremely happy, goofy, and just my plain old self.
But even better, I have noticed that change in other clients.
I have seen clients have complete mental shifts due to adopting a fitness lifestyle.
I have seen families change, relationships change, careers change. All for the better.
So Why fitness?
Because it is the REAL fix for our brains.
It is the start of a new life.
It is where the REAL you can come out and blossom.
If you are battling with depression, anxieties, stressors in life, or just an inner struggle of figuring out who you are…
I hope that you choose to break from the path of mediocrity, pick up your sneakers, adopt a fit lifestyle and become a true Renegade.
-Coach J

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