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The Fat Loss Bounce Back- Can You Do It?

By December 1, 2016Uncategorized

“I Can’t Get This Fat Loss Train Running Again”

Okay… that quote may be a little paraphrased… She didn’t really call it a “Fat Loss Train”….. but common! Fat Loss Train just sounds so friken cool. I mean, who doesn’t not want a one way ticket on that sucker?

Sorry… my ADD is kicking in!

The reason I’m writing this because I have had a few messages from amazing individuals, like you, who are feeling stuck after the latest holiday. Their progress has come to a halt and they feel lost. Has this happened to you before? If so, hang tight because by the end of this article you will have the formula to getting unstuck. The bonus step at the end will definitely do the trick!

Have you ever been riding a wave of success: The body fat is dropping off, your pants are fitting better, you even feel happy… you are truly riding that Fat Loss Train to success (hehe I managed to sneak that in again). However, out of nowhere.. BAM! Just like that your progress comes to a screeching stop.


It may have been caused by the latest holiday or a stressful week at work. No matter what the cause, it is truly frustrating. It is simply upsetting. You have worked your ass off and still are, but the results are not showing.

Fortunately for you my good friend just taught me something…

As I was sitting in a meeting with a good friend he brought up how he was feeling down after Thanksgiving. At first he could not figure out why. His business was slowing down and his drive was not there. His success was coming to a halt. But, my friend is smart. He decided to get advice from experts around him on how to break out of this funk.

With this I bring you the BOUNCE BACK Formula

The bounce back consists of 4 steps and I strongly believe that it could be the solution you’re looking for. If you are feeling like the deck is stacked against you, this formula will put things into perspective and help you feel good about your Fat Loss program again!

Step 1: Rediscover Your Why


Why did you start this journey in the first place? Why is it so important that you must lower your body fat percentage? Are you doing this because you’re fed up with where you are? Is it for your children? Remind yourself of your WHY!

Step 2: Baby Steps

I think it is safe to say that the results you have gotten so far did not happen in one day. If you have not gotten any results yet, it is even safer to say you did not experience all of your weight gain overnight. The road to massive success is all about baby steps. Take a minute to figure out what is the next step you can take. Is it a healthy dinner tonight? Maybe you decide to skip the late night snacking. Just pick a baby step and commit to it.

Step 3: Remember

When it comes to our successes we tend to have short-term memory. We quickly forget how far we have come and focus on how far we have left to go. Even if you have not lost a pound there is a success to remember and celebrate. Heck, just by investing the time it takes to read this article you have done something positive towards your health. Make a list of your successes!

Step 4: Community

Weight loss can be nearly impossible when you feel like you’re on an island. Do you feel like you are going through this alone, your family is not supportive, and you have no one to celebrate/vent with? If so you must find a community. You must seek out other individuals who are fighting the same fat loss battle you are. There is extreme power in YOUR community, do not take this for granted. It is vital to your success that you get people on your team!

Bonus: GIVE

Thee fastest way out of any slump is to give. This can apply to anything in life. If you are feeling down and out, then simply find something to give. Find someone who’s having a bad day and make them smile. Donate yo your favorite charity. Just give anything!

If you need help with giving, then you can come bring a toy for our December Toy’s for Tots drive! We are even giving a free week of training to anyone who donates a toy! 🙂 You can check out more info at https://challenge.renegadebootcampsdfw.com/toys-for-tots

Apply these five steps today and everyday moving forward until you break out of this slump. If you do you will find your self back on that Fat Loss Train in no time:)

-Coach J

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