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Did You Say This?!

By March 31, 2017Uncategorized

Did you say this?!

It’s either 3pm5pm or 3am. Yeah… you could say, time zones are a trip.

I guess I should fill you in. I currently just finished up a 3 hour flight, and am now on a 12 hour flight that connects to another 6 hour flight…
You guessed it, I’m headed to the other side of the world! Cambodia to be specific. Followed by the Philippines.
Our gym, Renegade Boot Camps, has been blessed with the opportunity to sponsor street children from the Philippines.  And now I am on a trip to meet them for the first time and support the development of their new shelter that is being built.
But that’s not what I’m here to talk to you about. 
I’m here to talk to you about this little voice that I’ve been hearing in the back of my head so far on this trip. A voice you may be using and not even know it.

So far I’ve been hearing things like:

“You’re going on a 30 hour flight, there’s no way you can eat right and take care of your body”
“There’s no way you will have the time to exercise and keep your daily health rituals when you get there”
“Why are you even going on this trip? What value can you bring there”
“You’re just a fitness trainer now can you help out street children?”
Are you familiar with this voice in the back of your head? If so, then you know how it works. It starts off with little things.

It tells you what you can’t do…..

Then It gets worse and 

Tells you WHO you can’t be…. 

This voice can cause you to self sabotage your health goals, your life goals, and your happiness.
I want you to make a vow.
Vow to NEVER let this voice win the conversation.
Vow to always speak positive things right back at this negative voice.
Because here’s the truth.
You can achieve your health goals.
You are amazing.
You are beautiful.
You are meant for great things.
You are who God made YOU.

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