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Cookies, Margaritas, & Chips and Queso

By March 25, 2017motivation, movement, nutrition

Cookies….. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. The aroma of chocolate chunks and baked cookie dough

fill your nostrils as you reach for a piece of heaven.

Or maybe it’s margarita Tuesday. The ice cold alcoholic drink makes your heart beat faster just thinking about it during your stressful day at work.

It might be the chips and queso. I repeat…. Queso. Enough said, it’s just so good and is a staple table decoration in any true Texas restaurant.

Let’s be completely honest here. All of the above are friken delicious, tempting, and easy to find.

So… What do we do?

If you are reading this, then I am assuming that you want to make healthier decisions. I am assuming

that you want more energy, and that you want less body fat. AKA less tummy.

I want all of these things too. I want to feel great. However, I find it hard to resist the lure of GOOD

tasting food.

You may feel the same. You may find it hard to give up the bad food which tastes good in order to get

what you really want- a healthy life.

Here are three quick tips to help you win the battle between bad food and your health goals:

TIP #1 Revisit your goals:

This can be as simple keeping a notepad next to your bed. When you wake up write down your goals

and wants. When you go to sleep write them down again.

If you are writing down your vision for your health EVERY day it will remind you why that cookie is not

worth it.

TIP #2 Drink enough Water:

If you are dehydrated you will be more likely to have food cravings. These food cravings tend to end up

with a mouth full of bad carbs. To avoid this, make sure you are at MINIMUM drinking half your body

weight in ounces of water per day. It is important that you spread this our throughout the day.

TIP #3 Log your food:

NO. NO. NO. I am not talking about calories. I do not care about calories. What I care about is the type of

food which is going in your body and the times you are eating it. By even simply writing down a list of what you eat it will make you more aware.

It will should you your hidden habits. I can’t tell you how many times I have started to write things

down, only to be hit in the face with the realization that I have a problem in that area. For example, you may not even realize how much sugar you consume on a daily basis until you track it.

Applying these tips are simple on purpose, because I want you to take action on them now! Not tomorrow and not next week.

If you are a member of Renegade Boot Camps don’t forget you are now able to submit your food logs to

[email protected]

-Coach J

“Those who rebel against the ordinary propel the world forward!”

P.S. If you are not a member of Renegade Boot Camps and need some help with your nutrition, please

reach out to me at [email protected] I am here to help!

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