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We are excited that you have decided to go on this journey with us! In the Vault you will go beyond fitness and take action on creating a massive and permanent change in your life!


Download the Big Four follow along worksheet. By watching this video and answering these four important questions you will be on a great start towards making a massive change!

Download 4 questions


Are you ready to make a massive change? I hope so, because these 6 steps are going to help you take leaps and bounds forward towards the better you.

Download 6 Steps worksheet

It is time to create your S.L.A.P. Watch the video and discover the number one thing that will set you up for success with your goal. After you complete your video download the S.L.A.P. template below and get started on your straight line to success!

S.L.A.P. Template


In order to maintain change you must condition it! With your own customized wellness calendar you will be able to track the actions steps that you should be doing daily in order to make massive change.

Download Example Wellness Calendar


It is important to know what we REALLY want and how to measure progress. Make sure that you are not letting the scale get the best of you by watching this video and taking a look at the example body fat percentage chart below.

Download Body Fat Percentage Chart-women

Download Body Fat Percentage Chart- Men

Nutrition 101

What are you putting into your body? It definitely determines what you are getting out of it. Watch the video and take a look at the example food list for a healthy kitchen!

Download food list

Download Meal Prepping tips


The facts are in! There truly is a specific type of exercise that is proven to burn body fat and add lean muscle definition the fastest. Watch this video on exercise and download the example HIIT workouts below

Download example workouts 

The best workouts mean nothing if you are not backing them up with the proper recovery! In this video you will learn how to break down recovery in three main categories and find success in each!

Phase One- Meal Prep Program

Icon meals image

Phase one is the answer to your nutritional problems. Our Meal Prep program allows you to take the two worst meal times that you have during the week and replace them with quick, easy, and tasty prepped meals.

Most people are spending over $100 a work week just on breakfast and eating out for lunch alone. Our Meal prep service gives you the ability to have two healthy meals a day (Monday-Friday) at a low cost of $89 a week.

To sign up for Phase one simply register below for an Accelerated Results Consultation and we will get you set up for your custom plan!

Phase Two- Accelerated results Coaching

images (1)

Phase two is the answer to your individual needs. Your goals and problems are never going to be the exact same as some one else’s. This is why we have developed an add on private coaching program that allows to to experience the fun and engaging Group Classes while also meeting for a one on one coaching session.

Our Private coaching focuses on the mentality of making a permanent change. If you are struggling with any of the following areas, then Accelerated Results Coaching is for you:

  • Making a lasting health change
  • Stress
  • Lack of motivation
  • inconsistent results

No matter what area you feel like you need specific help in our Accelerated Results Private Coaching Program has you covered!

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