What’s Your Why?

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Remember, your why is the one thing that deeply drives you to want to make a positive change in your body and your life!

Take some time to check out Emily’s why and then tell us yours!

What Is Your WHY?
Tell us your WHY to win 3 Personal Training workouts

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Emily’s WHY

Emily’s wedding drove her to commit to a change that she was in need of for a long time. She knew that she needed to make a health and lifestyle change, but could not commit to it.

This is where her WHY kicked in. Her why was to not only be the best that she could be for her wedding, but to make sure that she lived a thriving life for everything that was to come after the wedding.

This is why Emily invested the time to make a positive change in not just her body, but her life.

I wont lie to you. It was not easy. It took commitment, hard work, and a little pain, but because Emily was driven by a powerful WHY she was able to do it.

So I ask you…. What Is YOUR Why?