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Are You Making This #1 Black Friday Mistake?

By November 24, 2016Uncategorized

#1 The Black Friday Mistake

See if you can figure out what the Black Friday mistake is before it is mentioned in the end! 🙂


The words slip out as the parking spot that you have been waiting for is stolen. It’s 6am and you still have no clue why it is logical to be out shopping right now. Every Black Friday you tell yourself, “this is the last time”. However, every year you get sucked back in. Only to end up with a splitting headache and a loss of faith in humanity, all before 10am.


Why do we do this to ourselves every holiday season. Is it really the deals we are looking for or is it that endorphin rush we get when we buy unnecessary things. Common… you know what I’m talking about. Last year I walked out of the galleria with about 10 things that I forgot about two months later.

According to the Huffington Post, we impulse shop because we think “more stuff is an investment in our future”. This makes sense when you think about it. We believe that a new pair of shoes or purse are going to provide us a brighter future. The thought of using the product just invokes a false sense of happiness.

What if we could actually buy something that was a real investment in our future this Black Friday? Well, we have brain stormed here at Renegade Boot Camps and have come up with the solution. Something that you can buy, that is truly an investment. And the Return on investment is GREAT. Something you wont get from any product out there.

Yes. Those new pants can make you look slim, but can it actually make you feel toned and confident?

Yes. That new TV may seem entertaining, but will it be as fun as looking into the mirror and being pleased about what you see?

You see, a true investment in your future is an investment in yourself. So, this Black Friday we have made it easier than ever to invest in yourself. If you are looking for the best Black Friday deal, then you have found it. What would you do with 21 Days of Unlimited training, a nutrition plan that is not some fad diet, and access to a community of awesome people who want the same thing as you; to just FEEL better. To not feel out of shape squatting down to pick something off the bottom shelf.

How could 21 Days of personal training, accountability, and results change your life?

Oh… I forgot the best part (I may have been hyped up on too much caffeine when I made this deal)
Your investment in a better you would usually cost you $197. To save you even more stress on Black Friday, we are only going to charge you $21. Yes, that is 21 Days of life changing coaching for only $21

Oh btw, we don’t want your $21 until after you have tried your first class. There is literally nothing to lose (except body fat) by taking advantage of this Black Friday Special.

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I pray that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Remember, I am not saying to not buy material things this Black Friday, just don’t make the mistake of thinking it will bring long-term change and happiness into your life!

– Coach J

P.S. We are only able to offer this to ten non-members on our newsletter. If you are a member, please feel free to share this with any one who you would like to share the health with!

P.P.S. If you are one of the 10 action takers who want the 21 Days for $21, please visit https://challenge.renegadebootcampsdfw.com/21-days-for-21

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