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Never Have A Bad Monday Again!

By December 5, 2016Uncategorized

Happy Monday!

You ever had a day that just didn’t work? Traffic made you late, you did not have time to eat breakfast, your head was pounding for no reason, and everyone seemed to be waiting in line to annoy you

It doesn’t stop there…. lunch turned into fast food… or worse a frozen “healthy” meal from the office freezer was eaten. Next thing you know it’s 3 pm and you’re beat! Then we get home only to be encountered by a dinner you do not want to cook. That dinner turns into something fast and short on healthy nutrients.

Next, we spend the rest of the night catching up, or at least it feels like that.

This catching up takes longer than expected and we are stuck with less sleep than needed.

With this, the vicious cycle starts. The next morning is set up to start just as bad, if not worse, than the previous one. This is a vicious cycle that I have fallen into many times and if you are like me, it is safe to say you have experienced this cycle before.

The biggest lesson we can learn from this cycle is simply that it is a CYCLE. What we do in the morning will affect our night and ultimately the very next morning. If we can first understand that it is a cycle, we can now find ways to improve the quality of our lives.

We can improve by changing negative patterns in the cycle.

Starting with how we start our Mornings. The greatest way to change how our morning starts is to make sure it starts with an adequate amount of sleep. With this, we can hop out of bed without needing the snooze button. Let’s be serious…. We all love the snooze button. We trick ourselves into thinking that those extra 15 minutes are going to magically energize us, when all they do is make us groggier and steal the time we need to have our perfect morning.

Now you have an extra 15 minutes (or 30 if you are a double snoozer) to get prepped and ready for your day. You will be surprised what this extra time does for your day. It may go towards breakfast or just a little me time.

Lock Down Your Ritual

After you have mastered sleep and are finding yourself with more energy in the morning, the next step is to lock down your morning ritual.

We have heard over and over that, “It’s not about how you start, but how you finish” BULL! If you do not start your day off right it will not end well. It is simply the law of the cycle. Now that you know the importance of a great start, you must master your morning ritual.

What do you do in the morning? Do you go straight to the coffee pot and then speed out of the door to work? Do you shove down a quick and unhealthy breakfast to save time? Or do you immediately start checking emails and Facebook notifications?

Switch to a ritual that matters

I suggest that you develop a morning ritual that means something to you. It has been proven that our will power is strongest in the beginning of day. So, do what matters MOST in the morning. Here is a powerful exercise that I highly recommend you add into your morning ritual.

The 10/3/5 Rule

The greatest advice I have gotten yet is this 10/3/5 rule. This rule changes the way my day goes. It gives me energy and most importantly makes me feel HAPPY.

The 10

Write down 10 things which you are thankful for. Just jot down the first 10 things that come to mind. Even the smallest things matter!

The 3

This one is hard. Pick out 3 people who you may have a negative feeling towards. It could be a little argument that happened or someone you have not talked to in a long time. Write down their name and one way you can show a little love to them today. A little love could be as simple as a text.

The 5

Spend 5 minutes in prayer (I like to write my prayer below the 10 and the 3)

I can guarantee that If you adopt and are consistent with this rule, your mornings will change. They will become more upbeat, positive, and even fun.

It is time to put down this email and start focusing on how you will conquer your morning routine.


-Coach J

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