We are so glad that you have decided to invest in your health! However, the work does not stop there. It is now time to make sure that you get the most out of our fat burning group classes! In order to do that you must practice good technique! Not only will it allow you to use the right muscles and burn more body fat, it will also keep you safe and flexible.

The squat just may be the most important movement that you could ever master. Whether you are doing a kettle bell goblet squat or sitting down in your chair it is very important to understand the fundamentals of the squat.


  • Pull shoulders down and back
  • Brace your core
  • Squeeze your glutes on the way up

The lunge can be a great exercise to build strength in the quads and hips as well as tone these areas if done correctly. During Boot Camps you will be doing a lot of lunging so it is important to practice great form in order to avoid knee pain.


  • Start with feet hip width apart
  • Lunge forward landing with weight back on the front heel
  • Drive from the from heel and push your self back to standing position

Just like the squat this is a movement that carries over to life! Every time you bend down to pick something up or go to take a seat you must hinge at your hips. When done properly in Boot Camp a hip hinge can load the glutes and help you build strength and burn body fat in the hips! However, when done incorrectly it can cause pain in the low back.


  • Start with feet shoulder width apart, draw shoulders down and back, brace your core
  • while keeping your back flat push your hips backwards
  • bring chest over the floor while focusing on a flat back and braced core
  • drive up through your heels and squeeze your glutes as you stand tall


The push up is an upper body exercise that can help you tone the back of the arms and chest area. This is a great exercise for you when done correctly. Don’t forget to modify this exercise when necessary. You can do so by dropping your knees to the ground.


  • Start in a high plank position with glutes squeezed and hips in line with shoulders
  • Pull yourself down to the ground while focusing on driving shoulders down and back
  • Press through your palms and drive yourself back up to the high plank position

The row is a movement that is going to help build strength and tone in the back. If you are like most people then you may found yourself with rounded and tight shoulders. When done correctly this exercise can help undo poor posture.


  • Start by hinging at the his with a big emphasis on keeping the back flat and core tight
  • Drive shoulders back first
  • Drive elbows back second, pulling your hands towards your belly button

How To

More Back to Basics videos coming soon!

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