Although it is our priority to keep the focus primarily on what matters, YOUR results, you probably want to know a little bit about who we are. Renegade Boot Camps was created, because of you. If you have experienced trouble losing weight in the past, have been failed by countless weight loss programs and gyms, or just want to be better, then Renegade Boot Camps is your safe haven. We are not just here to provide you with fun and proven workout classes. We are here to be your coach. It is our #1 objective to provide you with the tools and resources that you need to achieve results that will bring you success, happiness, and a betterment of your health.

In order to do this we make sure that out side of workout classes you are held accountable via weigh ins, email / phone check ups, and goals & progress evaluation. If you feel stuck in any area, whether it be exercise, nutrition, or recovery we will guide you through this complicated territory and make weight loss as easy as possible for you! So, enough with feeling unmotivated, low on energy, or not your “old-self”. Enough with the constant wardrobe changes in order to find something that you feel confident in. Enough with settling on your health. It is time to invest in YOU and we would be honored to help you do so!

Mission: Everything that we do will be focused on giving glory to God and helping others, it is our mission to better lives through health, success, and happiness.

Vision: We do not want to stop with helping you lose weight. It is our vision to change the way fitness is done, which is why we have also created the Renegade Gives program. You see, when it comes to weight loss we find that people are also looking for something more. You may be looking for happiness, more confidence, or you may just want to feel better. We have found that one way to do this is to give and serve your community locally and globally. Which is why we use our Gives program in two ways.

1. Mission of the months- Every month we band together as a gym and help out a local cause in our community that we are all passionate about.

2. Child Sponsorship– Every five memberships sold at Renegade Boot Camps equates to one Street Child from Bogo, Philippines being sponsored through Humanility. With our donation a child is provided with shelter, food, education, and the ability to live a life that they never dreamed was possible.

So, join us as we take a stand against ordinary fitness. If you are different, if you have a desire to be better and to help better others, then we want you to join Team Renegade!