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A Weight Loss Dream Turned Real

By November 14, 2016Uncategorized

A Dream Turned Real

A Dreamer.

Why does this title seem to have negativity attached to it? What about this title makes us think of our friend who is in their thirties and still residing in mom’s basement?

Maybe because of all the failed dreams. The dreams that we come up with, only to realize weeks later we don’t have the discipline or tools to achieve it. Maybe it’s this year’s new years resolution that we forgot about a few months in.

Or maybe you have said over and over again that you will achieve your dream body. Until eventually you just stopped declaring it.

If you fit into this category. If the word “Dreamer” invoked a negative response in you, then you’ll want to hear Amy’s story. A story of a dream accomplished.

Amy part 1

“Damn thing won’t fit” Amy frustratingly muttered in the dressing room. It was official, she was another size up.

To make a long story short, this marked the last straw for Amy. She put the jeans back and made her way home to research a personal trainer.

After an hour googling she finally decided on a new boot camp that had just opened up down the street. It took an hour, because she was spent 45 minutes trying to convince herself to do this. She had accepted long ago that a gym membership was wasted money, but she knew she was in denial.

The Coach

2 hours later Amy walked nervously into the gym, she was greeted by a smiling coach who instantly asked her how she was doing, as if she were an expected guest.

30 minutes later Amy was in the coach’s office breaking down over the fact she could never get in shape and how she has tried everything. She had never admitted this struggle to anyone. Amy always acted like she could care less about her weight loss problems. However, she was now ready to come out of denial.

The coach explained how she has just made a huge step by seeking a coach. He taught her how powerful a dream can be. That a big dream, such as getting in the best shape of your life has a positive side and a negative side.

You can let that dream sit, ignore it, and never do anything about it. (Now you are truly just a dreamer.)


you can start to pull that dream in closer, examine it, get honest about what it will take to achieve it, and most importantly seek out help from someone who knows how to get there.

This is when you turn your dream into a Vision. This is when your dream becomes a reality.

How will you apply this?

You have just witnessed Amy’s day. Now how will you take on your day? How will you find your health dream and turn it into a vision.

Try out these action steps

  1. Write down your health dream
  2. Make a list of things you can do to make it a reality.
  3. Find someone who can help you achieve your vision.

Stay Tuned For Amy Part two. Coming Novemember 16th 🙂

-Coach J

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