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3…2…1… Body Fat Loss Rule

By October 31, 2016Uncategorized

3..2..1.. Body Fat Loss Rule

Ever feel like the finish line to Body Fat loss is never in sight? The process may seem forever, the tasks overwhelming, and the goal…well impossible. When it comes to weight loss, body fat loss, toning, etc. the journey can sometimes cause you to sit back and say F**k It! Excuse the language, but I’m just being honest.

For example, you spend an entire week working out, prepping your food, and even drinking the right amount of water. However, nothing changes. The scale decides to stay put (or worse it goes up), your clothes fit the same, and no one besides your dog notices the new you. (your dog doesn’t really notice, he’s just programmed to be nice).

So, what do you do? If you are like most people, you quit. Now, we never just outright quit. We find logical excuses such as :

  • work
  • kids
  • this is a busy time of year
  • social events
  • money

You throw in the towel and say, “I’ll get back to this when my schedule is easier”.

This may be you, or you may be the workout veteran

You may have been working towards your goal for awhile now and you have probably seen some initial results. But, somewhere along the way you started to become overwhelmed. You may feel like the results are not coming fast enough, that you must try every new diet in the book, or that you may need new supplements to give you an edge.

No matter who you are, the journey to Body Fat loss and a lower body fat percentage is tough and sometimes we just need to scale it back and make things simple. This week I want you to do that. Follow this 3..2..1.. rule and you will get back to keeping it simple and enjoying your health process.

The 3..2..1..Rule
3- Get in three workouts this week that are at least 45 minutes long.

2-Choose two nights this week that you will sleep a minimum of 8 hours

1- Choose one average day this week, to track everything you put into your body.


If you are already doing these three things, great for you! Keep it up 🙂

If you are not, then keep it simple and ONLY focus on these things this week, regarding your health. By keeping it simple, you will feel less stressed and actually will be able to enjoy the process of becoming a healthier you!

-Coach J
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